When I moved to Texas, I stupidly assumed it would always be somewhat warm and that I was avoiding winters altogether.  I packed accordingly, so my closet is stocked with Spring and Summer essentials and pretty much nothing else.  Soon, I realized that Dallas does drop to the low 30’s and 20’s, and in a panic… called my mother to mail me a coat (Thanks Mom). This past week, Dallas was hit by what Texans are calling “Icemageddon”… a horrendous ice storm that occurs every 2-3 years.  I was “lucky” enough to experience one of these bad boys in my first few weeks since being here.  This was my experience:

On Wednesday afternoon, Dallas was sitting at a comfortable 81 degrees and all was well.

Coworkers began warning me of an upcoming storm that would soon hit us and warning me to stay off the roads.

I scoffed. “I’m from the North East. I know cold. This will be nothing. I mean c’mon. It’s in the 80’s right now…”

I woke up the next morning on Thursday to temps in the thirties.  My bod was thrown for a loop.

Worked through the day, cold as a popsicle at my desk.  IS THERE NO HEAT IN THIS PLACE?!

Around 2:00pm an email is sent to all employees to head home early since the icy rains were starting. “These people are so overly cautious.”

I begin my surprisingly hellish drive home, everyone is panicking.

I stop at the grocery store to pick up some dinner.  People are ravaging the aisles as if the apocalypse is upon us.

I get home, turn up the heat and enjoy a cozy night in.

Friday, the next morning I wake up to an alert that the highways are shut down, my work is closed and they’re unsure of when they’ll reopen.

I do a happy dance. NO WORK, NO WORK!

I go to take a shower… No hot water.

I go to watch some Netflix… No internet.

I go to the window… No roads in sight.  Only sheets of ice.


I am iced into my apartment… what else is there to do but drink?

So friends walk over.  We drink.  We drink a lot.

Lots of cider.  Lots of spiced rum.  Anything hot.  Down the hatch.

Finally the internet comes back.  NETFLIX FOR DAYS!

Saturday I wake up.  Still no roads cleared.


Sunday I wake up.  No roads cleared.


Monday morning I wake up to an alert from work warning us not to come into work until around 11am– hopefully the roads will be safe by then.

I get on the road at 11am… they’re not safe.


Accidents everywhere.

I finally get to work and it is a ghost town. I’m literally one of 15 people here in a 14 story building.

No cars, no humans, no work to do.

So instead I’ll write this blog…

Happy Icemaggedon from my empty office!!

3 thoughts on “Icemageddon

  1. Haha…classic….that’s how my kids grew up in Atlanta…we had more snow days because it MIGHT snow than we ever had because it actually DID snow. In fact Casey’s 3rd Dalmatian Birthday Party was cancelled due to a big ice storm…guess who ate the cake. :-)

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